At Angels Feathers Parrot Rescue, we strive to better the lives of companion and captive parrots.

Thank you for visiting our website. We want to help you discover the difference we can help you make in your parrots lives! Here are just a few of the things we have to offer: Behavior, Diet, Housing and Enrichment Consultation; Parrot Toys, Lighting, Tea for Parrots; Essential Oils and their Appropriate use for Parrots; Parrot Diets & Recipes; Parrot themed gifts - Jewelry, Decorative Items, etc.; Adoptable Parrots (Sliding Scale Adoption Fees) and Sanctuary for special needs Parrots. At Angels Feathers Parrot Rescue, we look toward a future where our captive parrots are better understood and live full and enriching lives in our homes, we approach this from a fun, imaginative and creative perspective. How? "We think like a Parrot!" We also take great pride in and are very passionate about our mission, and the careful attention we pay to you, your parrots and our own!

Here's an example of what our  Consultation Clients have to say about Angels Feathers Parrot Rescue. "Thank you for your visit! The birdies love you. You make a big difference in their lives!... out of this world... AND THE TOYS ARE OUTSTANDING... YOU ARE SO TALENTED!" ~ The Haber Family, "Thanks again for coming to meet us and discussing how we can make our fids happier & healthier. We certainly appreciate your time and we are anxious to review all the info you forwarded and start trying different things!" ~ Annmarie

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We think you will like our innovative approach!

We offer a variety of unique services and special products customized for your parrot and you! Here are Just a few: Consultations regarding behavior, diet, enrichment, feather destructive behaviors etc., Adoptable Parrots, Parrot toys and Parrot Themed Gift Items for you including jewelry & decorative items which help us raise funds for the care of AFPR's parrots!

Dedicated to enhancing the lives of Companion Parrots through Education,  Consultation, Rescue, Rehabilitation, Re-homing and Sanctuary.